5 day trips to do from KL and Selangor


Hooray! Now that interstate travel has been given the green light, here are five day trip ideas for those who live in KL and Selangor.

With the exception of the recently created tourism bubble with Langkawi, since January 2021, no one can leave their state of residence in Malaysia for leisure purposes. Nonetheless, domestic tourism is now a privilege for fully vaccinated individuals as state borders reopen to mark the milestone reached thanks to a relentless nationwide vaccination campaign. If spending the night away from home is still not your thing, here is a list of day trips around KL and Selangor that you can consider.

Teluk batik

While many are familiar with the beach south of the Selangor state border at Port Dickson, here’s a day trip involving the – arguably more rustic and pure – beach just north of Selangor. Across the strait from Pangkor Island, Teluk Batik is a viable alternative for those who don’t have time for a romantic island getaway. With the partial completion of the West Coast Expressway, commuting via the coastal road has become a breeze. You can get to Teluk Batik in just 2.5 hours from KL. Stop at Kuala Selangor or Sekinchan on the way back for a seafood dinner.

Lata Kinjang

Conveniently located off the North-South highway, the famous waterfall monument just 1.5 hours from KL is one of the most majestic waterfalls in the country. Surrounded by lush greenery, Lata Kinjang baptizes visitors in cold, pristine water all year round. Make your day trip interesting by sketching at Lata Kinjang on the way home from a Sunday brunch in Ipoh. Make sure you pack the right clothes and shoes for this excursion.

Genting Highlands

So close and yet so far. It is the disappointment of the residents of the Klang Valley for the hill station during the lockdown. Just an hour’s drive away, Resorts World Genting sits on a peak past the do-not-cross border. Although infamous for roulette wheels and slot machines, the entertainment center is packed with family-friendly attractions including the new outdoor theme park, restaurants, and a mall for your sale therapy. detail.


Heavily dependent on tourism, the historic heart of Malacca suffered greatly during containment. Why not lend your support to many historic companies by taking a 1.5 hour trip down memory lane? From a reminder of the country’s history to satisfying your cravings for authentic Peranakan cuisine, there is plenty to do.

Janda Baik

Several natural refuges border the mountains of Titiwangsa. These include accommodation on Fraser’s Hill and Berjaya Hills. Another highland attraction on the radar in recent years is Janda Baik. With ecotourism activities on offer, including hiking and mountain biking, Janda Baik looks forward to pleasantly cool weather and glamping opportunities if you want to stay overnight.

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