Ejder Turkish travel agency, leader in Cuba destination (+Photo)

Istanbul, February 12 (Prensa Latina) Ejder Travel is a Turkish tourism agency with 16 years of experience that today consolidates itself as the main shipper of customers from several European countries to Cuba.

Prensa Latina spoke at the 25th edition of the Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair Emitt 2022 with the Turkish company’s Chief Operating Officer, Eda Sirkecibaba, who said the Caribbean island is currently its flagship product.

In this regard, she explained that before the pandemic, the Cuban market was already very well accepted by the Turkish public, and in this sense she said that the impasse experienced as a result of Covid-19 did not affected the resumption of interest on Cuban offers to foreign visitors.

Sirkecibaba said that since Havana opened on November 15, 2021, more than 25 tour groups have been organized by his agency, and five groups are expected to arrive in Cuba on a monthly basis.

She added that the main markets they work with, in addition to the Turks, are Germany, Australia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

On the other hand, the businesswoman explained that as South American countries open their doors to international tourism, her agency will organize trips to Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia , Brazil and Mexico, the latter will be linked to Cuba as a combined destination from Cancun to Havana by charter flights.

Ejder Travel is betting on opening an office in Havana soon, taking advantage of the portfolio of activities presented by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, an opportunity that, according to Sirkecibaba, will further open Cuba’s doors to Europe and Asia. tourist markets.


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