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Emirates becomes the first airline to implement an IATA Travel Pass

The current Covid-19 pandemic has made passenger travel much more difficult than before, with additional documents and security measures required before entry and exit are allowed in dozens of countries around the world .

This then paved the way for various innovative solutions developed by many companies, such as the IATA Travel Pass, which effectively acts as a digital passport for passengers, storing important documents such as Covid-19 test results, certificates. vaccination and any other information that may be required in one application.

Such innovation aims not only to improve the efficiency and reliability of cross-border travel, but also to bring environmental benefits through the digitization of what would otherwise be a paper-heavy solution.

Several airlines around the world have flown successful trials but had yet to actually implement the technology into their operations until Emirates announced this week that it has signed a contract with IATA to fully implement the technology. implementing digital innovation across its global network, making the Gulf carrier the first airline to do this.

The move follows the well-conducted trials Emirates piloted in April using selected routes from its Dubai hub, which were later extended to its customers also in June.

With full implementation, the IATA Travel Pass will initially be made available to Emirates passengers traveling from 50 cities, before gradually expanding to all of the airline’s 120 destinations by October.

“We are delighted to partner with IATA on the IATA Travel Pass solution, from initial pilot testing to full implementation, and we will continue to work closely with IATA on improvements to make travel easier. safer and smoother for travelers, ”Adel Al, Emirates COO. Redha said in a statement.

On how the full implementation will be of great help to passengers, IATA Senior Vice President of Operations, Safety and Security Nick Careen said in a statement. that it would be a “one stop shop” that supplies and stores everything. “Via a secure automated process.

Even before the pandemic, Emirates was known to be one of the most creative airlines in the industry, having consistently invested in various technologies for the benefit of its passengers.

Biometric technologies such as boarding gates, lounges and even check-in counters are just a few of the investments made by the Gulf carrier. The airline said the investments paid off as Covid-19 continued to ravage the industry as the contactless experience proved useful throughout the airline’s process amid heightened concerns in health and safety.

Having seen a positive trend in the use of biometric technology since the start of the pandemic, Emirates has made plans with Dubai International Airport to further expand the implementation of biometric technology.

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