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At Mexico’s Xcaret, the largest national park in the Riviera Maya, there’s plenty to see and do – and travelers of all ages can have fun and experience an exclusive adventure. It’s a perfect location as it gives an insight into what the Riviera Maya region of Mexico has to offer explorers. From incredible wildlife, water sports and enjoyable shows to Mayan ruins, an aviary and a butterfly conservatory. The entire park is full of beautiful natural attractions. The park will always keep visitors busy no matter how many times they visit it. Depending on the number of days one seeks to visit this large park, seeing absolutely everything is impossible. Here is a complete guide to exploring Xcaret Park in Mexico.

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Getting to Xcaret Park

Travelers must take the Chetumal-Puerto Juarez Federal Highway to get to the park. It is the highway that connects the Riviera Maya and Cancun. On the south side of Playa del Carmen, Xcaret is located about 10 kilometers away, and travelers can always take advantage of free parking. Whether traveling from a resort or hotel in Cancun, travelers will have no trouble getting to this water park. Travelers should opt for private transportation to transfer them to Xcaret.

  • Cost of a taxi to Xcaret: $80 to $100 from Cancun one way, $15 from Playa del Carmen

Prices and tickets

To enter Xcaret, travelers will spend because it is cheap. Adults over 12 will normally purchase the park entrance ticket for $110 and children pay $55. There is room to purchase multi-day passes, which is a great deal for visitors looking to spend days exploring the park. When purchasing tickets, travelers have many options to consider for activities, including spending time with sharks swimming and taking rides with dolphins. The park activities occupy the travelers for the whole day or even for two days, but they still cannot explore the whole park. The food sold at the park is expensive. It is therefore advisable to purchase a plus package, which includes a meal. Xcaret’s package also includes free snorkel rental, allowing visitors to snorkel and enjoy the magnificent view of the marine life.

Tickets are cheaper online or directly on the Xcaret Park website. Travelers should pack sunscreen unless they want to spend more money on expensive park brands. A combination ticket will allow travelers to not only access Xcaret, but also explore other adventure parks including Xel-ha, Xoximilco, Xenses and Xplor.

What to do at Xcaret Park

Float through underground rivers

Travelers visiting and exploring Xcaret Park have access to all three underground rivers including the Maya River, Blue River, and Manatee River. Floating down one of these rivers is one of the most enjoyable adventure activities in the park. Each of the underground rivers offers a unique and fascinating experience – and visitors can swim through a maze of caves and tunnels while admiring spectacular views of unique rock formations, beautiful wild landscapes and waterfalls. The trick to making the most of these rivers; the experience is to arrive early and avoid the crowds.

  • The time it takes to swim on each of the rivers: one hour to swim to the end.

Travelers should ensure they have a life jacket on before they start swimming and leave them at the resort once they are done swimming. Look out for breathtaking photo spots so you never miss an incredible photography opportunity.

Join Mexicans in celebrating their ancestors at Paradise Bridge

Mexican culture includes remembering their deceased loved ones through celebrations, an occasion that occurs every November 2 and features lots of color, vibrancy, and decoration. Also known as the Mexican Graveyard, the Bridge to Heaven is a beautiful and colorful event – something incredibly unique that doesn’t happen anywhere. The women dress in colorful clothing and the men wear suits and boots with their faces painted as skeletons.

Explore the Mayan Village

Visiting and exploring the Mayan Village in Xcaret Park is the best way to learn about Mexican culture. The diverse Mayan Village represents the arts, local foods, culture and activities of the people. This village offers an opportunity to get a taste of what it’s really like to be a Maya, and even learn woodcarving and attend some of the workshops available. The architecture of the Mayan village is something not to be missed.

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Explore the park’s bustling aviary

The most fascinating part of Xcaret Park is its bustling aviary; the bird sanctuary – where travelers will encounter hundreds of species of birds. It is a perfect birding spot for bird lovers as they have the chance to see these beautiful creatures roam freely in the park. Inside the aviary there is a spectacular large waterfall, which provides an exceptional photography location. Exploring the park’s aviary will give tourists the feeling of the Amazon jungle and being in the middle of a wonderland – full of stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Visit the Xcaret Coral Reef Aquarium

Home to hundreds of beautiful tropical fish, exploring the Xcaret Coral Reef Aquarium is a must. Travelers will have the opportunity to see the beautiful aquarium floor up close and celebrate the excitement of spotting jellyfish, clownfish, and various other species of fish they’ve probably never heard of. After visiting the inner part of the aquarium, head outside, where the real magic is. Here, visitors will see baby turtles galore as they swim around the small pools. There are also many large turtles swimming in the river. Visiting Xcaret Aquarium provides an unforgettable visiting experience.

Take time and enjoy the ambiance of Xcaret National Park. With so much to see and do, a fascinating sightseeing experience is guaranteed.


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