Fast Travel Guide – All Fast Travel Photo Locations


Navigate an open-world game like Saints Row can be tricky if you’re only starting from one area. Luckily, there are a few places you should be able to teleport to when you need to speed up the process. here is our Saints Row quick travel guide to help you with all the quick travel photo locations in Santo Ileso.

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Saints Row fast travel guide – All fast travel photo locations

How to unlock fast travel points in Saints Row

Unlock fast travel points in Saints Row is not obvious at first sight. Indeed, these points will only appear on your map if you are nearby. If there is one nearby, a trailer (or shelter) icon will be displayed.

You will then need to activate photo mode (i.e. the “P” key by default) to take a photo. Make sure the object is centered and you’re not too close (or too far). Similarly, hovering over the icon on the map will also show you the appropriate angle. Either way, once the camera borders turn green, hit the spacebar to mark that location to allow it to move quickly.

Footnote 1: Unlike your apartment or church headquarters much later, these regular fast travel points in Saints Row are only used for teleportation. There are no garages or helipads. As such, if you need special vehicles, you will definitely need to respawn in your HQ. Alternatively, you can use JimRob’s car delivery service after completing all of its tasks.

Footnote 2: Criminal Empire businesses do not act as regular fast travel points, although you are still teleported there once they are first built. After that, you will need to drive/fly/glide to these settlements as normal.

Saints Row fast travel location maps

Below you will see three images with maps of the fast travel photo locations in Saints Row. We’ve split them into three locations (east, north, and south) to match the neighborhoods in the game. You can click on each image (or right-click and open the image in a new tab) for a larger view.

West Providencia: Panther Rock

Head east along the highway from JimRob’s garage (which you’ll unlock as a location after completing a few main missions). The panther-shaped cliff can be easily spotted from there.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock All 1a Fast Travel Photo Locations

Rojas Desert North: Twin Coyote Motel

This one is further away than most of the other spots. You will need to continue east following the highway and dirt roads until you come across an isolated motel.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock all 1b fast travel photo locations

Marina West: Bear Lake

Follow the main roads until you reach the northern part of Marina West. The bear statue sits on a lake just below the Santo Ileso sign on the hill.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock all 2a fast travel photo locations

South Lakeshore: Cactus Bill

The cactus statue is in a large park in the southern part of the district.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock all 2b fast travel photo locations

El Dorado: El Dorado sign

The sign itself is visible when crossing the main highway towards the El Dorado district. You’ll need to take a picture from street level to get the right angle.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock all 3a fast travel photo locations

South Badlands: Lone Wolf

This is another fast travel location in Saints Row it’s off the beaten track. You can visit a location close to this during Eli’s The Dustmoot mission.

Saints Row Fast Travel Guide Unlock all 3b fast travel photo locations

Saints Row is available through the Epic Games Store.

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