From Delhi to Leh by road A travel guide for travel-loving souls


The land of Leh, located in the middle of the Great Himalayas and Karakoram Range, holds immense pristine beauty for its viewer.


Road trips are nothing but a thrilling adventure on the road. And when it comes to a road trip from Delhi to Leh, it is worth remembering. Leh is the capital of Ladakh, with a less populated region. However, nature has blessed this place with breathtaking beauty and high altitude mountainous land. If you are a real blue road tripper or even one starting the trip of a lifetime, this is the only trip you have to experience at least once in your entire life.

So, if you are ready to accept this challenge of jumping on a journey where you will feel rushed, then here is the ultimate guide article that will show you the way to your destiny.


Famous roads to start the journey

There are two extremely beautiful scenic routes you can take on your way from Delhi to Leh. One road leads to scenic Manali and the other to magnificent Srinagar. Delhi to Leh by road via Manali is a road that will literally take you through many ups and downs. This road trip consists of two parts: Delhi to Manali and then Manali to Leh. Each route here has unique sights and experiences to offer. Passing the road, you will cross the highest motorable streets and discover the whole plateau of Ladakh.

Stopovers to catch your breath

On the way to Leh, you will pass through a few stopovers, for example, Manali, Rohtang Lah, Keylong, Jispa, Sonmarg Drass Valley Kargil and heaths, etc. Throughout the road trips on these stops, at one point you will see the snow-capped mountains and sparkling streams in Keylong, while on the other hand cyclists will fall in love with the scenic beauty on their way to their destination.


Same stops suggested to regain your energy.

Even though road trips sound exciting, they can tire you out in no time. So, going through all these roads, you can find decent places for breakfast or lunch at Rohtang pass and Sissu by road via Manali and hill stations at Panitop via Srinagar. Even if you don’t find it as fancy as the restaurants in Delhi in those days, you’ll be thankful these places exist. Keylong, Sonmarg and Srinagar are other places that have good restaurants.

Your vehicles also need food!

You can refuel your vehicles in Manali. And if you continue your journey, you will find the next gas station at Tandi, about 110 km from Manali. Again, if you wish to refuel your vehicles further afield, you will find the Karu fuel pump. Whereas if you take the Srinagar road, you might find the gas stations in Srinagar, Sonmarg and Kargil.

Safety tips

Are you ready to hit the road? But before you go, take notes on some do’s and don’ts.

  • Wear masks and gloves
  • Choose 100% hygienic hotels to stay
  • Pack essentials like a torch, sanitizer, sleeping bag, and water.
  • Always have a comfortable pair of shoes
  • Always have a map handy.
  • Finally, try to follow all COVID-19 guidelines.

To conclude


Gen-x and Gen-zs are obsessed with travel these days. So exploring new places is always about thrills and excitement. However, you must follow all the guidelines while visiting and staying at this new place so that you can have fun without any problems.

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