Mount Hood – The Unofficial Travel Guide 2022

Mount Hood from Trillium Lake. Photo by Beau Rogers via Flickr CC2.

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Fit the hood is an icon of Oregon. It’s one of Oregon’s top destinations for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, and one of Oregon’s best places for mountain biking and hiking during the warmer months. People enjoy visiting the many lakes on Mount Hood, staying in beautiful cabins, camping, and taking in stunning views of Oregon’s natural landscape. This is your year round guide to exploring Hood and all it has to offer.

Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest point at 3,425 meters (11,230 feet) and the fourth highest peak in the Cascade Range.

Best things to do around Mount Hood in Oregon

Mount Hood. Photo by Danielle Denham @ThePDXPhotographer.

Hot Weather Adventure on Mount Hood

Little Crater Lake – The gorgeous little sister of Crater Lake near Mount Hood

Little Crater Lake Oregon By Bonnie Moreland via Flickr CC2.

Small crater lake is a serene spot in the Mount Hood National Forest, known to locals as the little sister of Crater Lake. While you don’t want to swim in those cold waters, this is the perfect location for photographers and anyone looking for a quiet spot to camp near Hood.

Gorgeous fall train rides on the hood

Photo via the Mount Hood Railroad Facebook page.

This fall train ride is the perfect way to see the area around Mount Hood and take photos of the beautiful fall foliage. These train tours usually last around an hour and a half and offer passengers some pretty views. Tickets usually cost around $ 40.

Mount Hood Ski Bowl Adventure Park and Downhill Slide

Mount Hood Adventure Park
Photo by JATomlinson.

In summer Mount Hood Skibowl turns into an awesome adventure park with over 20 attractions. From an ATV park to Indy cars, pony rides, a bungee trampoline, freefall bungee jumping, ziplines and a ropes course, this is the perfect place to spend a day full of adventures with your family.

Mount Hood Alpine Slide
Photo by JATomlinson.

One of the main attractions is the alpine slide. Runners take the ski lift to the top of the alpine slide, then slide on carts whose speed you control with a handbrake. Kids and adults alike love this slide, although adults will find that they have to lift the brake all the way to be able to maintain speed and hit the bottom.

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See the full summer list activities at Skibowl Adventure Park here.

Hiking Mount Hood

McNeil Point Trail on Mount Hood
McNeil Point Trail on Mount Hood. Photo by page via Flickr CC2.

There are hundreds of options for hiking on and around Mount Hood, but one of the trails with the most breathtaking views is the McNeil Point Trail.

It’s a tough hike, but well worth the hike in the mountains for the jaw-dropping views.

Mount Hood hike
McNeil Point. Photo by Thomas Shahan via Flickr CC2.

The McNeil Point Trail is a 9.6 mile out and back trail ideal for hiking April through November, although it is open for snowshoeing in the winter if you can get to it when the roads are covered in heavy snow. Be sure to check out the map at the bottom of the page and zoom in to see all of the trails crisscrossing Mount Hood and the Mount Hood National Forest. You can also see a list of day hiking trails here, and hiking trails here.

MTB balaclava

Mt Hood mountain bike
Mt Hood mountain biking. Photo by Zach Dischner via Flickr CC2.

Mount Hood has some great places for mountain biking. One of our favorites is at Skibowl, where you and your bike can take a ski lift up the mountain and then cycle down numerous trails. There are trails for beginners, intermediate levels, and experts, including some man-made obstacles to enjoy.

You can also do Mountain biking with ski lift assistance at Timberline, which also offers cycling courses and courses. For those who wish to explore the trails of the Timberline Bike Park and the Skibowl, there is a Mt. Hood Bike Park Fusion Pass which will allow you to cycle unlimited at both.

Sandy Ridge Mountain Bike Trails Hood
Sandy Ridge Trail System. Photo by BLM via Flickr CC2.

Other good mountain biking options in the area are the Sandy Ridge Trail System, which is located on a ridge above the Sandy River just west of Hood. These trails take you through magnificent forests of Douglas-fir, western red cedar and western hemlock.

Another awesome trail for bikers is the Pioneer Bridle Trail # 795, which is a 13 mile trail that takes you from Government Camp almost to the Rhododendron and follows Barlow Road (an old part of the Oregon Trail).

Winter Adventure at Mount Hood

Mt Hood Winter Adventure Bonfire Snowshoes
A campfire break during a snowshoeing expedition on Mount Hood. Photo taken by Mount Hood Territory via Flickr CC2.

Mount Hood has so many great things to do in the winter, from snowshoeing to descending a hill in cool powder at night in a sled with friends and family. Below are our top four things to do on Mount Hood on your winter visit.

Go to the cosmic tube in Skibowl

Cosmic Tubing at the Mount Hood Skibowl night ski area.

Kids and adults will love it Cosmic tube at Mount Hood Skibowl. Skibowl is known as America’s largest night skiing area, and there is something for the whole family to do here. While older siblings snowboard the slopes at night, younger siblings and parents can spend the evening tubing on a huge, icy dance floor.

Take a classic sleigh ride

Mount Hood Oregon Sleigh Rides

A lot of people never go on a sleigh ride, but you can. These sleighs are pulled by beautiful horses and usually start around mid-December. Get more information here.

Mounting hood for ski and snowboard

I learned to snowboard at Mount Hood Meadows in college. I remember taking lessons and then spending the day on the slopes with friends. Mount Hood Meadows will always be one of my favorite places to snowboard, and it’s a great place to spend the weekend with family and friends. Get more information here.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Mount Hood Oregon

Mt Hood Snowshoe
Mount Hood snowshoes. Photo by College Outdoors via Flickr CC2.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are a great way to train while taking in the area’s natural beauty, away from the crowds. There is nothing like being in the middle of the forest when it is covered with snow and all is quiet around you.

When I was a kid we used to cross country ski around a lake in the Mount Hood National Forest, and I was completely in awe of the beauty of the area. If you’ve never done cross-country skiing before, be sure to go with a guide or someone who knows how to do it. Check out this list of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails on Mount Hood. If you want to cross-country ski on groomed trails, check out the Nordic teacup park!

You can also consult this moonlit snowshoe hike on Mount Hood for an extra special outing!

Stunning cabins on Mount Hood

Whether you just need a weekend away from the city or are looking for a base for your Mount Hood adventures, we’ve got you covered with a list of awesome cabins you can stay in!

Stay in a cabin with a magnificent view of Hood

The little Sandy Oregon cabin above has stunning views of Hood. Wake up each morning and have a coffee by the fireplace while admiring the magnificent sunrise.

If you don’t need a Hood view and would rather be in the forest, this pretty cabin in the photo above is super comfortable and the perfect place for a romantic getaway!
Those looking for a truly rustic experience will love this cozy vintage cabin near Cedarwood. This cabin was built in 1922 and can accommodate two people. What a great location to use as a base camp to explore Mount Hood.
This beautiful quiet cabin sits on 80 acres of land in a beautiful lush forest. During your stay you will be surrounded by ferns and towering trees, and can take a short walk to a cascading waterfall. This cabin is off the grid and it’s a 10 minute walk through the woods from the parking lot to the cabin. It is the ideal place to get away from the people and spend quality time with nature and its loved ones.
To complete the list of our favorite stays near Hood, here is a magic tree house in Sandy Oregon. This cozy treehouse sits on 20 acres of property, so you have some room to walk around. It can accommodate four people and the property has a pond.

Weather in Mount Hood

Bookmark this page so you can come back for updated weather for Mount Hood Oregon. You can click on the weather widget below for a longer forecast and more details.


Mount Hood Map of Things to Do

Six lakes in Mount Hood to enjoy

Which of these things are you planning for your next Mount Hood adventure? See our article here for more on our favorite Oregon adventures and activities.

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