Travel agency celebrates Silver Jubilee with competition to revitalize tourism industry


APPLE Vacations is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a four-month event called “Kita Travel Hope”. On the theme “Your Love Keeps Us Alive”, he hopes to bring a ray of hope to everyone.

Apple Vacations chairman Datuk Seri Lee Ee Hoe said the travel company has always stood for these values ​​- to be adamant and courageous in the face of hardship.

“Deprivation leads to change, while change leads to an outcome.

“The dedication of the ‘shokunin’ (artisan) spirit is what keeps us going in these turbulent times.

“A spark is enough to ignite a plain; this spark, as fragile as it is, remains a beacon of hope for the tourism industry.

“Look forward to its revitalization when we can relive all that travel inspires us,” he said.

“Kita Travel Hope” aims to awaken people’s desire to travel again.

As part of the company’s silver anniversary celebration, there will be a guessing contest until November 30.

Attendees should tune in to the Apple Vacations Facebook page (@applevacationsmy) every Monday and Tuesday to guess 25 iconic tourist destinations around the world.

Those who submit their answers via WhatsApp and guess the answers correctly have a chance to win prizes worth up to RM8,000.

Since its inception, Apple Vacations has had more than one million travelers.

During the lockdown, Apple Vacations diversified its business model and expanded to offer new products and services.

These include Tool Apple Marketo, an e-commerce platform that offers customers high-end imported products; Apple Ticketo Tool, a value-added ticketing service; Maruichi, a platform that works in and out of the tourist environment; and Tool Apple Supporto, a platform that provides mutual assistance and support.

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