Tulum travel guide: where to stay, what to do and where to eat


welcome to The weekend, the new series from Coveteur that lets us jump into the travel bags of tastemakers on their travels around the world. This week, we join the production manager of Coveteur, Jess Sisco, as she enjoys a romantic mini-moon in the paradise beach hotspot of Tulum, Mexico. Bursting with cultural, wellness, and dining activities, Tulum is the perfect setting for a post-wedding party.

How did you choose this place for your trip?

Destination weddings are hard work, and with our long-awaited big day in Playa del Carmen, we needed a mini-moon venue that could be both a haven for relaxation and a center filled with vibrant flavors. , craft cocktails and a lively atmosphere to celebrate the start of our life as newlyweds. Luckily for us, Tulum, one of the most popular travel destinations of the last decade, was only a breeze away.

How did you get there?

“Since we were already in Playa del Carmen, we took a car to Tulum (about an hour drive). For those traveling abroad, the best way to get to Tulum is a flight to Cancun International Airport. From there, Tulum is about two hours by car. I highly recommend arranging a car service in advance to avoid taxi solicitations.”

What kind of activities did you do? Was it a discovery weekend or did you have a specific itinerary?

“After a year and a half of intense wedding planning, we have decided to let our mini-moon itinerary loose and stress-free. We headed to the beach for a long rest and some well-deserved margaritas, then took two bikes and made the trip to the archaeological area of ​​Tulum to see the historic Mayan ruins that were built on a cliff overlooking the beautiful shores of Tulum. There were several cenotes to discover nearby, whetting our appetites to enjoy Tulum’s amazing food scene.”

Where did you stay ? What type of accommodation were you in (hotel, cabin, private home, tent, etc.)?

“We stayed at La Valise Tulum, a luxurious and quaint boutique hotel tucked away on the quieter end of the Tulum Strip. Upon entering the hotel, a sandy path surrounded by lush tropical vegetation led us to a rustic open-air lounge with an infinity pool, where a couple of friendly staff greeted us, ready to treat us to our first (or third) order of tropical cocktails. This area doubled as the breakfast lounge, with tables and sofas overlooking the beach, the perfect setting for an exceptional plate of huevos rancheros. With just 11 rooms, we felt a sense of privacy and connection to nature, a peaceful contrast to the city’s bustling party scene. Our private palapa was only accessible by an unmarked, slightly hidden sand path. The bedroom was warm and welcoming with natural amenities, a king size bed and nothing but palm trees sheltering our little private sanctuary.”

What were some of your favorite dishes and where did you order them?

“It’s no secret that dining options in Tulum are plentiful. With a culinary scene that features traditional Mayan and Mexican dishes, fresh, local ingredients, and plenty of international flavors, it’s easy for travelers to discover delicious bites to suit their tastes.

World-class taco stands in Pueblo are a lunchtime staple. Spend the day in the area shopping at local stores and dine at Mestixa for wonderful Asian-Mexican fusion street food. Our favorites were the soft shell crab steamed buns and the fish aguachile, although everything on the menu was full of flavor. Back in the main hotel zone, NÜ is an outstanding option for al fresco dining by candlelight, accompanied by live lounge music. Be sure to order the campeche prawns, local fish crudo, and oyster mushrooms. Once you’ve finished the last bites of your dinner, spend the rest of your evening bouncing around the lively bars the area has to offer. Casa Jaguar stood out for its unique custom cocktails without a menu.

Above all, given that this was our mini-moon, our favorite dining experience was a private romantic beachfront dinner at our hotel. Guests can pre-book this experience with La Valise and can expect a meal where the courses seem endless (although you don’t want to, with savory dishes such as fried mushrooms topped with mousse, lamb chops in a black bean mash and grilled pineapple on an almond cake and white chocolate mousse on the side).

How was the local scene? Paint us a picture of the atmosphere.

“Entering Tulum, you pass through downtown Pueblo, leading to the town’s ‘Hotel Zone’, a single road lined with beachfront hotels, bohemian boutiques, and lively restaurants and bars. Immediately you notice the laissez-faire nature in which pedestrians and cyclists fill the street, weaving between cars and potholes. The energy on the street may seem mildly chaotic, but the attitude is generally laid back and upbeat. It’s hard to be crazy about a bit of traffic when you have nowhere to go and all the time in the world.

How did you dress for the trip? How did the climate, route or culture influence your style choices?

“March is a wonderful time to visit Tulum due to less humidity and less chance of rain. Temperatures during the day tend to hover in the mid to high 80s, and the evenings settle in comfortably in the 70’s. As befits a beach town, you’ll find that most people are dressed in casual, casual clothes during the day and more edgy party yarns in the evening. I felt particularly inspired by the harmony of the lush jungle and crystal clear waters, so I opted for contemporary boho chic vibes that elevate the typical beach ensemble.

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