Your ultimate post-lockdown travel guide in Bali



“Off the beaten track, for all travelers looking for outdoor adventure, Amed is a world of volcanic black sand beaches and dive sites. You can snorkel through wrecks, reefs and explore trails that take you through lush forests.”

What are the vaccination/entry/quarantine requirements?

“Fully vaccinated Australians can now travel for bali free from restrictions. Like other countries you will need a negative PCR test for show when you arrive. Travelers also need for present proof of medical insurance to enter Indonesia. Skyscanner’s interactive travel map uses simple visuals for show current travel advice at home and abroad, with different views depending on the traveler’s vaccination status. With travel rules still changing, it’s a good idea for continue for date with pre-departure and pre-arrival requirements.

What flight hacks do you have when booking travel for bali?

“With bali at our doorstep, direct flights are available depending on your departure city. For enjoy balithe tropical and warm climate of , the best time for to visit bali is during their dry season, between April and OcforBer.

“Flights for bali on Skyscanner start from $149 pp back. Cheapest month according to Skyscanner Forol is a great way for find the best offers at a glance. Consider traveling a day before or a day after your original departure dates if possible, flying on the less popular days of the week is always cheaper.

“As more airlines announce they are restarting international flight schedules for baliby varying the airlines you choose for flying with it can seriously cut costs. The prices do not have for be booked as a return, consider flying with one airline and returning with another for to save money.

” Establishment price alerts will make sure you are the first for be aware that prices drop with additional discounts or extra offer. You can tag a flight you’re interested in and Skyscanner will email you whenever the price goes up or down.

What accommodation and booking advice do you have?

“Whatever your budget, bali has something for every type of traveler, whether it’s luxury beach hotel suites, eco-lodges, jungle bungalows or laid-back surf hostels in the forwns. As travel reopens and forThe urists begin for to return to for bali seriously, we recommend you to try for plan and book in advance for avoid missing a spot you have your eye on.

Is it easy for cancel / what are your recommendations for this when it comes to forflights and accommodation?

“For all travelers seeking for book future travel, we always recommend choosing a flexible ticket where possible for give you extra peace of mind, should anything change. It’s also a good idea for purchase a travel insurance policy that meets your needs; there are policies that have been designed to Publish-coronavirus travels and can adapt to last minute changes – but this is really important for read the fine print ahead of time. Skyscanner put fortogether one glossaryfor cover all issues related to travel insurance as well as 6 easy travel insurance tips for something to look out for when booking your next trip.”

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