Onyx launches a payment platform for travel agencies


B2B payments and business intelligence service focused on hospitality Onyx CenterSource on Tuesday, September 21 unveiled a partnership with the online travel market Booking.com for a payment platform for travel agencies that work with the reservation service.

The platform, which was developed using Booking.com’s Amadeus integration, enables travel agencies to obtain payments for their share of completed stays booked through the portal.

“Onyx is the market leader in payment solutions for hotels and travel agencies, and we have partnered with Booking.com for over 10 years,” said Tony wagner, Senior Vice President of Commercial and Strategic Relations of Onyx, in the joint announcement.

“This new solution addresses a large-scale need of one of our major customers: a platform that will provide ‘revshare’ payments from affiliated travel agencies transparently on a global scale,” he said. he declares. “Booking.com has been at the forefront of innovation for affiliate offerings, so it makes sense to launch the new payment tool for their affiliated travel agencies, especially as the industry’s recovery accelerates. . “

The solution is configured specifically for Booking.com’s requirements and can help travel agencies enable automated, paperless payments, Wagner said, noting that the company will add more custom platforms over the next 12 months.

Affiliated travel agencies that register through the online portal automatically receive payments for qualifying bookings from that day forward, he said. Affiliate travel agents can add Booking.com transactions to Onyx’s RecoverPro transaction matching solution to improve visibility, Wagner said.

“This robust new payments platform uses the latest technology to ensure that our affiliate partners are able to seamlessly receive revenue sharing payments for their qualifying affiliate bookings, a key industry priority as the world is starting to open up again to travel, “said Thibaut leroux, senior manager of corporate partnerships at Booking.com, in the joint announcement.

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Last year, Onyx CenterSource launched a new virtual credit card for hotel and travel customers. Onyx has also partnered with payment processing provider WEX on virtual services for travel payments.



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